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The Conference invites proposals for individual papers (15-20 minutes long) or panels (incl. 3-4 individual papers) that relate to the following main themes:

I. EU symbolic discourse and practices: the making of EU-identity through the diverse symbols, discourses, practices, media and branding strategies developed by EU-related institutions.

II. Unmaking the European integration project: investigation of the recently revitalized semiotic orders of nationalism and nativism, illiberalism and populism, as well as the related phenomena of xenophobia, islamophobia, anti-semitism, counter-terrorist rhetoric etc, across the different genres of political, cultural and media communication

III. Images, Sounds and Narratives of Europe: investigation of all kinds of contemporary cultural texts that variously deal with the failures and contradictions, envisionings and identity of Europe, as well as emerging narratives, imaginaries and concepts that attempt to re-define the ‘old continent’ and perform a ‘post-crisis Europe’.

IV. Under Western and Non-Western Eyes: the semiotic construction and/or deconstruction of European Union from the perspective of non-member states, whether in the Western or non-Western world.


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